How to Get Hired at the AZ Dept of Education: Be a Liberal Political Activist

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman, hires based on political views and not competency. Her agency, the Arizona Department of Education, has a new employee named Jimmy Arwood. He’s a local product with many awards for his accomplishments. Here is Mr. Arwood’s twitter bio.

The bio does say “Views are my own”. What if Arwood supported pregnancy centers, would he have gotten hired by Superintendent Hoffman? Here is a tweet from Mr. Arwood just a few days after Roe was overturned.

Bureaucrats who are supposed to be about education are methodically scheming to influence voters while on the taxpayer dime. As we say over and over, every election is about abortion. Superintendent Hoffman systematically plugs radical leftists into government jobs and we have seen the results with so many public funds spent on gender and racial agendas. What do you know, Jimmy Arwood worked with Save Our Schools Arizona. This anti-school choice group is part of Planned Parenthood’s circle and was involved with the ESA breach several years ago. Here is a snippet from the article Arizona State wrote about Mr. Arwood.

Those interested in helping students achieve while working at the Arizona Department of Education better bone up on their politics first. The Arizona Capitol Times lists Mr. Arwood as a “Democrat Strategist”. Again, here is a screenshot in case the reference disappears.

Earlier this week, Jimmy Arwood’s boss tweeted her pleasure that she had earned Planned Parenthood’s endorsement for her upcoming election.

Look closely at Superintendent Hoffman’s avatar. Is there anything creepier than holding a brand new baby and then bragging that a group which exterminates babies endorses her? What kind of husband allows himself to be brought into that scene–men are to be protectors.

Unfortunately the children in public schools are not protected under Superintendent Hoffman’s watch. They are sexually groomed through her agency’s website and professional development and their lives are of no value to her or Jimmy Arwood.

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