Schools Are Immune to Obscenity Laws but You Can Take Charge

Think about what would happen if a member of your family stood across the street from the local school and showed kids the material many students are exposed to in Health Sex Ed class.  They would be arrested and told they should never be around children.  But if a teacher or Planned Parenthood representative shares the same pictures and details under the roof of a government-funded school, they get a paycheck.

 If you have ever wondered why there is so much sex and porn in the culture today, this article explains why the problem is growing exponentially, and children are where the seeds are planted.
In your free time, take a look at what your child can download on those new tablets your local school district’s tax increases have purchased.  Gilbert (Arizona) Schools are located in a rather conservative community that is very family oriented.  However, they are not immune from objectionable material on their kids’ tablets, either.

Parents, here are some suggestions if you  feel material in the classroom is inappropriate:

  1. Look at school district policy and find out what it says about providing a “safe learning environment” for students, supporting parent/child relationship, and student/teacher having inappropriate material/porn via phone, computer, etc.  Make copies of these (for when speaking to administration, superintendent, school board, etc.).
  2. Tell/show this to as many parents and guardians as possible in the school district!
  3. Make an appointment with the superintendent (never alone).  Have these pictures in hand.  Videotape (preferably) or audio tape your meeting.  (Superintendent wants to keep his/her job; does not want scandal; does not want to taint his/her reputation for any future job they may pursue).  Expect them to justify how this “artwork” is appropriate for minors to be exposed to.  If your concerns are dismissed, get as much publicity on this as possible – put pressure and the spotlight on the district.
  4. Any and every parent possible should go into the building and begin taking pictures of this evidence.  They should go see the administrator (never go alone) and request that these pictures be removed.  They should videotape or audiotape these meetings whenever possible.
  5. Show these pictures to law enforcement/district attorney – ask their opinion and recommendation.
  6. Show these pictures to your locally elected representatives. (Another reason to make sure your local representatives aren’t funded by Planned Parenthood–if so, they will ignore your concerns to protect their Pink campaign money.)
  7. Go to the media – show them these pictures, encourage them to attend the next school board meeting.   School districts do not want negative publicity (they don’t want to lose students, bond measures, or parent volunteers).  The Mainstream Media may ignore your concerns and/or turn into a mouthpiece for the school district.  Engage local bloggers who will get your complete story out.
  8. Go to the next school board meeting.  ALWAYS videotape these meetings (with phone or whatever device you have–the school board and superintendent may hate you for this but do it anyway).  Make copies of these pictures for each board member.  During public comment, describe in detail these pictures for the board, superintendent, and audience to hear. (Forewarn the audience in advance…in case minors are present – which is ironic, since this is what is being displayed in class).  As you describe the pictures, make sure that someone is getting the reactions of the school board on tape.
  9. Get an attorney involved.
  10. Every student deserves school to be a “safe space”.  Having these pictures around does just the opposite.  Consider students who have been sexually abused and how this may impact them.  Consider the diverse cultural norms and religious values of parents and students and how disrespectful this is.
  11. Ask the district what policies they have in place that limit  explicit, erotic, or controversial subjects.  How do they guide/limit teachers on what is allowed to be discussed, shown (ie: via Youtube), read or demonstrated in the classroom?






One thought on “Schools Are Immune to Obscenity Laws but You Can Take Charge

  • July 30, 2018 at 7:18 am

    Thank you for your blog my daughters attend Watchung Regional High School in New Jersey and a large group of parents are objecting to the book

    “Fun Home “ from being introduced in the coming 2018 school year , the book includes illustrations that include woman engaged in oral sex and fellatio . Thus far our school is charging ahead and ignoring parents

    If you have any other ideas or comments please email me


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