How School Boards Groom Activists, In Her Own Words

After several well-attended governing board meetings during the 2019-20 academic year, Chandler Unified’s own Governing Board member, Lindsay Love, has become the face of government run sex ed for kids and Critical Race Theory in Arizona. She is a liberal media darling which has given energy to parents who don’t want any part of the agenda she trumpets. Ms. Love has a lot to say and none of it is about educating the students in Chandler.

When asked why she wanted to run for Chandler Unified Governing Board, Ms. Love made sure to promote the radical, Democrat Party platform. Notice the pandering, with no mention of a quality education. Here is more divisive blabber. Is she even concerned whether “Black Girls” and the alphabet community receive a good education?

Ms. Love added another reason she ran for office, but didn’t go into detail. The significance is Ms. Love’s sister is the Board Chair for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona. It is no longer a secret Planned Parenthood wants to come between you and your child, whether it is to sneak your child birth control, abortion, or the latest craze: money-making transgender pharmaceuticals. Never miss an opportunity to plug Big Sis’s “non-profit.” Lindsay Love ogled over Gloria Steinem in this exchange with Jeanne Casteen, former governing board member with Phoenix’s Creighton School District.

Ironically, after plugging Planned Parenthood, the worldwide abortion mill, Ms. Love admitted our society has very little value for children. Well, at least she admitted it. Will she divorce herself from her sister’s poisonous workplace or use it for political gain?

Watch Planned Parenthood’s candidate Jeanne Casteen agree with Lindsay Love about children not being valued. Planned Parenthood Arizona owed Casteen this endorsement after she helped get them a seat at the table in Creighton Schools.

In this rant, Ms. Love complains about White Supremacy and that she is a target (this a ploy to gain media attention and votes). No Ms. Love, it’s not the color of your skin that is a threat, it’s the school of thought that you and your Planned Parenthood family surmise you have custody of the district’s children.

Who better embraces White Supremacy than Planned Parenthood itself, which was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger? Ms. Love should be delighted those affluent Whites Christians she complains about are actually fighting for MORE Black children to be born, not fewer. Awwww…..but would she be a media darling if she gave those who really encourage Black lives a thumbs-up?

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