Has Arizona SPI’s Family Affected Her Decision Making?

Most in Arizona know the public schools have tanked exponentially since Red for Ed and its product, Kathy Hoffman, took the reins after the 2018 election. For years we have watched as the Arizona Department of Education website has been loaded with controversial and divisive topics, like gender grooming, Critical Race Theory, and Social Emotional Learning. Academics has taken a back seat, if it even has a seat at all.

Last week, Kathy Hoffman became national news when it was revealed the Arizona Department of Education posted a link for sex and gender chat rooms on its website. Minors can access this site and use it with no parental approval, paid for by our tax dollars. Why are taxpayers on the hook to fund the child sex industry?

What do you know, Planned Parenthood is involved. That makes sense, the abortion mill has spent years circumventing parents, no reason to stop now despite what Arizona statutes mandate.

The Planned Parenthood facility in Glendale prescribes trans hormones. They have to have something to fall back on financially in case Roe vs. Wade is overturned. How convenient Kathy Hoffman is their agent, having a direct pipeline to the state’s children, whether the parents gave permission or not.

Arizonans have wondered what makes Superintendent Hoffman click. Her past is vague, except that she’s from Oregon and attended the University of Oregon and the University of Arizona. Recently some photos surfaced that Hoffman’s father had posted. Sadly, this may provide an explanation to what Superintendent Hoffman has been exposed to before landing in Arizona.


Kathy Hoffman’s father’s name is Michael Redden. Here is a recent photo of them together.

This looks like a nice family. Years back, however, Michael Redden posted obscene photos on his Facebook. Is this what Superintendent Hoffman was exposed to growing up?

For those who think this is natural, it’s not. We are not created to be used as sexual fulfillment for anyone other than our spouse. Women are not entertainment for horny men. By posting these photos, Mr. Redden contributed to someone’s sex addiction; he provided them the “drug”; he was the enabler. This isn’t a religious issue. The facts are porn leads to divorce and also sexual dysfunction.

Superintendent Hoffman may not know this, but by focusing her office on sexualizing children she is setting them up for failure in future relationships and in society. What her father has done is not her fault. Now that she is a new mother, we hope she quickly grasps the dangers to which she has exposed Arizona’s children and overhauls her department before more children are hurt.

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  • June 17, 2022 at 7:37 am

    The irony here is that i cannot share this post in it’s entirety because of it’s obscene nature (can i LOL? A nervous LOL at best)

    • June 18, 2022 at 11:17 pm


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