Great Hearts Caves

August 26, 2018 update:

Great Hearts parents are hearing that Erik Twist is denying the story published on two days ago.  We are hoping Mr. Twist provides a clear statement on what is going on at the school.  We are also told he has a record of traditional values so to this point has been a good fit for the school.  Great Hearts parents, please let Mr. Twist know you support the current policy if that is how you feel.   The parents who do not believe in science and American values can start their own charter school if they wish.  We will be watching the developments at Great Hearts Academy.  Thank you for reading.

August 25, 2018:

It didn’t take long for one of the most well-respected chain of charter schools in the Phoenix area to cave to outside pressure and rewrite their long-standing bathroom regulations.

Evidently there aren’t enough government-run schools indoctrination centers in Arizona where parents can send their children to learn all about the gay lifestyle, birth control, transgenderism, the advantages of Socialism, Communism is Cool, the White race is woeful, and candy is bad for you, so Great Hearts offered their services.  Even though Arizona is one of the leading states for school choice, some parents couldn’t think out of the box and send their children to one of the many existing schools which already coddle LGBTQXYZ.

Thanks Arizona School Boards!  You all are so cool!

Earlier this year, Great Hearts Academy was the center of local news because they weren’t LGBTQ enough.  Check out this OPEN letter to the President of Great Hearts, Erik Twist.  The letter is open, yet the person didn’t sign his or her name.  In the writer’s defense, at least a letter was written and those parents were vocal.  We know Mr. Twist was consulted by some parents who opposed any change to the current Great Hearts policy.  Likely, Mr. Twist just didn’t hear from enough of them and he bowed to the media pressure.  Regardless, that is not a leader.  Bowing to pressure is like joining in fraternity hazing, Mr. Twist.  We advise our kids to do the right thing and not follow the crowd, yet Mr. Twist didn’t do that himself.

Here is a twist (no pun intended) adults need to remember when discussing transgender issues.

Children are often confused about sexuality and has anyone noticed there appears to be more confusion in our sexually explicit society?  As one candidate for Arizona Legislature observed, we tell kids they can do whatever they want and we call them whatever they want as long so they are happy, yet the suicide rate has increased.  Thus, some school districts are hiring suicide prevention officers.  It appears we are actually doing more damage to our kids.

Take a look at a few changes to the Great Hearts policy:

Many children don’t have access to private, single-occupant facilities in their own homes, but Great Hearts will provide those?  What will happen in college?  What about the work force?  We know what the answer is–there will be more accommodating for an issue few people have, an issue in which they need to recruit more to join their group so eventually there will be mob rule.

Furthermore, this group pushed for change at Great Hearts so the students can use different names on campus.  More make-believe.  Let’s see how many of these kids end up depressed despite getting whatever they want.

Rob Chevaleau, the “adult” who is running the Arizona Trans Youth and Parent Organization (ATYPO), pulled his child out of Great Hearts.  That is what school choice is about; parents move children in and out of various schools throughout their education depending on their needs.  His situation is not special.  But Mr. Chevaleua had to stick it to Great Hearts.  It’s good publicity so he can solicit more donations to his unworthy cause.  Maybe he’ll get a promotion and someday work for GLSEN.

Couldn’t Mr. Twist have pulled Arizona law out of his pocket to defend his existing school policy?  The heterosexual lifestyle is to be taught as normal in Arizona public and charter schools.  See ARS 15-716 in the attached link above.  However, we have seen schools and districts across the state turn their backs on Arizona law this past spring when they allowed their teachers to illegally strike with no repercussions.  Evidently Arizona laws are also make-believe.





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