Governor Ducey and AZ Republicans Just Passed CRT After “Banning” CRT

We have not discussed the specifics of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) much in this website for one reason. The other side pushes Social Emotional Learning as a means to help school children avoid suicide. The result is the opposite, but the SEL programs are so twisted it is difficult to explain how dangerous these programs are in a few bullet points.

Empty Suit State Senator from Legislative District 18 in Arizona, Sean Bowie, used all the right focus group language to create empathy and get the votes he wanted, especially from the uneducated Republicans in the Legislature. This is the same legislator who donned a baseball cap in 2016 that said “Make America Gay Again.” Governor Ducey Doug supported Planned Parenthood‘s Bowie over a conservative challenger in 2020; Ducey continues to stomp on the same folks who voted for him in 2018.

Since “Republican in Name Only” Ducey just signed a bill supporting SEL in schools after telling us there would be no Critical Race Theory (CRT) taught, we will be addressing these programs in the future so readers can better understand what is happening behind the walls of their neighborhood schools. Much of the curriculum we have been unhappy with in relation to Planned Parenthood and gender identity falls under SEL (and CRT) and it is how schools are slipping the sex agenda into students’ hands. Is your head spinning yet?

Until then, please watch this video. It is a fantastic overview of what Social Emotional Learning is, and it is basically everything you, the parents, have been complaining about–the sexual agenda, Critical Race Theory, Equity, Inclusion, on and on. SEL is wrapped up with a beautiful bow and lots of smiles from the Electeds so we feel good about the curriculum and bad about criticizing it.

We at notinourschools are already being sent much information about how SEL is at this time deeply embedded in Arizona schools and we are hearing from concerned teachers about upcoming SEL trainings in the very near future. Ducey basically just gave school districts the go-ahead to take your children down a dangerous emotional path.

There is no time to sit back. We can NEVER expect those in government to do the right thing. It will take due diligence from every parent who chooses to keep their child in an Arizona (or any state’s) public school to out this curriculum and those involved. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Governor Ducey and AZ Republicans Just Passed CRT After “Banning” CRT

  • July 14, 2021 at 10:31 am

    Parents need to understand their rights to review curriculum being taught and their right to exclude parts of that curriculum from their children’s public education. What steps do the need to take legally, on their own, without attorneys.

    • July 16, 2021 at 10:31 pm

      That is just it, we can’t depend on others. This is falling on the parents, nobody will swoop in and save the children except their own parents. Wouldn’t it be great to put cameras on the teachers? Then we could see who the excellent teachers are as well as who is a problem. 🙂 The school districts are digging their heels in deep because parents are putting them on defense. Let’s keep it up!

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