GOP Lawmaker Introduces Plan for AZ Dept. of Education to Oversee Student Health

It’s a new year so we are diving into another session in the Arizona Legislature. We are told about 1,700 bills have been dropped by our beloved lawmakers. That means each lawmaker on average is dropping 18.9 bills. Most will die (thankfully), but what is telling is the content of the bills each legislator sponsors or co-sponsors.

The goings-on in more liberal states give Arizonans a road map to read between the lines of the flowery, feel-good bills that float through the legislative committees. Education has been the hot-button topic for years so Republican politicians nod their heads a lot to avoid being bashed in the local, lazy media.

Currently Republican-in-Name-Only Senator Heather Carter is the sponsor of SB1169. Its short title of “school health program, appropriation” disguises the true intent. This bill is not benign.

The devil is in the details and in the goal of whoever is pushing Senator Carter to sponsor this. It’s interesting that she calls herself a Republican, which should mean small government. Let’s parse this bill a bit. The first red flag is placing students’ health to be administered under the Arizona Department of Education.

Current Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction recently proved she doesn’t have the skills to run the state’s Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program nor keep the users’ private information private. What could go wrong if she (or any future school chief) releases, accidentally or on purpose, private health information?

Superintendent Hoffman regularly tweets about wanting more mental health counselors.

Since when are schools required to be one-stop shops for health, meals, supplies, tablets, and before and after-school care? Obviously this isn’t working as scores and aptitude decline. That doesn’t matter to Kathy Hoffman who seems to be lock-step with Senator Carter on swelling the school districts’ payrolls with psychologists and social workers.

Senator Carter’s SB1169 bill also refers to community resources and entities. That is pretty broad.

Could those community resources be Planned Parenthood? What about One Arizona? Why not? The liberals have equated the word “health” with abortion and now transgender needs. Will parents be notified who their child is being referred to? Here is an example of what occurred when schools take power from parents, which is what SB1169 will do. The attached Fox News Insider link discusses Seattle Schools prescribing IUDs without parental consent.

This bill gets better. According to Senator Carter, when Arizonans elect the Governor, State Senators, State Legislators, and Secretary of State, it is not just to govern, but also to oversee our childrens’ health plan. Evidently they all better have medical backgrounds because whoever becomes the Senate President and Speaker of the House will have his or hers hands on these health plans, along with the current Governor and Secretary of State.

It looks like everyone will have a piece of the child except the parents. California takes most rights from parents as they drop their children at the schoolhouse door. This bill will be heard in the Senate Education Committee on February 11th at 2PM. Please contact all members of the committee and ask them to vote NO on this invasive and dangerous bill.

For Arizona Senate members and their contact information click here. Californians are moving to Arizona in droves for a variety of reasons, and one is lack of parental rights. Where will Arizonans go if bills like this pass? And why is $enator Heather Carter sponsoring such a bill?

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