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In Part 2 of this series, we shared information about the “GOP” candidate who was hatched to run for Arizona state senate in the new LD12. Think about it, if he is so successful at his day job, and he’s sold so many Covid test kits he must be doing pretty well financially, why would he want a position in politics which would be a pay cut? And as busy as he is producing and marketing Covid test kits, how will he have time to research pending bills, meet with constituents, and vote on bills?

The Arizona State University Cabal sends their minions to the state legislature to act as its broker. It’s almost a double-dipping scheme. Parents or students pay tuition, but then are hit hard with taxes that cover ASU’s gigantic overhead and programs. And if a constituent questions where the money is going, that person is labeled “anti-education.”

Arizona State’s President has ties to the CIA.

How investments in cybersecurity link Michael Crow, the CIA and a venture-capital nonprofit – The Arizona State Press

This link below is very lengthy, but it lays out some of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails and the role Michael Crow has played in In-Q-Tel (CIA). We have screenshotted pertinent paragraphs which relate to Crow and Arizona State.

Explosive COVID National Security Crime Syndicate Exposed (

Could all of this power that has accumulated at ASU, along with the Biodesign entities, the wastewater testing program from the Sustainability College, the push for Covid tests, the mandate for on-line student health checks (data mining), and the marketing of Covid vaccines be coincidental? It sure is helpful to have a friendly Arizona Legislature handing out the dollars.

What Republicans do best is protect their own seats. In other words, once a Republican gets in office by saying all the right things, they often don’t do the right things because they want to be reelected, even to a low paying office, which makes no sense on the surface. This is why at this website we follow the money. However, we won’t always find a paper trail. There are deals made that can’t be traced and money that is gifted without a trail. It’s funny that Governor Doug Ducey wants to contact trace Arizona residents who come down with Covid but we aren’t able to trace the backroom deals which are made against us.

Back to elections, did Republicans in position of authority look the other way after the November 2020 election so they could keep the status quo? This is why it is so important as citizens we watch who is funding political campaigns. That tells us who those in office really represent.

Let’s take a look at our old friend Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers. He and Senate President Karen Fann pull the strings for……well, we often wonder who because it’s not for Arizonans. Here is our piece on Speaker Bowers. However, he has a challenger in the primary in August named David Farnsworth. Both candidates were at their LD meeting in April. Evidently it didn’t go too well for Bowers when he had to come face to face with the people.

Earlier that day Speaker Bowers earned an award. Notice his lobbyist who helped him smash precinct committeemen back in March congratulated him. See who is running the show in Arizona? It’s not #WeThePeople.

On Friday a local Patriot was invited on the Stew Peters Show to explain the 2020 election debacle and the hesitancy by State President Karen Fann to bring election integrity to a vote. It is the Republicans holding it up so why are they being protected? There is an eerie silence, as if nobody wants Arizonans to know what really goes on. Who is greasing the other’s wheel? We put together some highlights that reflect why the Arizona Swamp needs everything to stay the same at the Arizona Legislature, just for them.

Steve Daniels hit the nail on the head when he said Senator John McCain is alive and well in Arizona politics.

Money talks. Remember our State Senator Sean Bowie from LD18/12 and ASU employee? The president of Cindy McCain’s company, Robert Delgado of Hensley Distributors, donated to him.

The Delgados also donated generously to Governor Doug Ducey’s campaign.

Mr. Delgado also contributed to Mark Brnovich’s Attorney General race, so now Brnovich can spend his time campaigning for Senate on Sean Hannity instead of addressing election fraud. Brnovich already pretty much ignored RedforEd teachers politicking on school time with school resources so we shouldn’t be surprised.

It is said Marco Lopez will be the next politician “selected” for Arizona governor. Cindy McCain’s Delgado is supporting him. Lopez is currently being investigated.

Cindy McCain’s Robert Delgado has contributed to many Arizona campaigns, both Democrat and Republican. That is strange, what does he stand for? We know Mrs. McCain blows hot and cold on Constitutional issues as she led a Republicans for Biden group in 2020. We knew that meant Republicans for abortion, but who cares about the lives of the unborn while President Trump typed mean tweets?

Coincidentally the McCain Institute is associated with ASU. In fact, it was just assigned a new globalist director who will begin her new globalist post on May 2, 2022. It’s a who’s who on the McCain Institute Board of Trustees; there are a few we can’t resist highlighting. It is no surprise Cindy McCain is the Chair Emeritus.

And there he is, ASU and the CIA’s President Michael Crow. The McCain Institute gets a twofer.

Another interesting selection is former Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota.

There really are no words for this.

Our favorite on the McCain Institute Board of Trustees might just be this gem, none other than a Rothschild.

Remember our post about sex-trafficking in Arizona (which provides plenty of customers for Planned Parenthood and its colleagues)? Can Mrs. McCain or any of her Trustees explain this:

McCain Institute Caught Stealing Millions In Child Trafficking Donations – News Punch

Here is a screenshot in case the above link disappears.

Oops, nothing to see here.

Once again, why don’t any good, solid bills which would clean up elections in Arizona pass in the Arizona Legislature? Tonight at a campaign event, Liz Harris, who has been canvassing and accumulating mountains of evidence about the 2020 election, read a letter she received from an Arizonan. The letter described voter roll problems as far back as 2012. Plenty of current legislators were in office ten years ago, including State Senate President Karen Fann and Speaker Rusty Bowers. Ms. Harris also said none of the current Arizona legislators have asked to meet with her. We wonder if they have been told not to; would a legislator’s bills be killed if so? We can only speculate because wheeling and dealing is prominent at the Capitol. Until we get some honesty from Leadership we have no reason to think things are on the up and up. Listen to Ms. Harris’s speech on April 30, 2022.

Take note of Ms. Harris’s words “if we get the right people elected”. Also, she gives advice to Precint Committeemen, the same PCs Rusty Bowers tried to curtail in the Spring. We are just scratching the surface of the well-funded and well-organized Deep Swamp in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Arizona State, Tempe, the new LD12, McCain Institute, water testing, ASU Biodesign, contact tracing, Governor Doug Ducey, TGen, Michael Crow and the CIA……All the while, abortion bills in Arizona are killed or watered down, sex ed in Arizona schools runs rampant, Arizona is the number one state for sex trafficking, Maricopa County is the center of 2020 election fraud, and the legislators who call themselves Republican are working with the other side to make sure to keep the status quo.

Does Councilwoman Lauren Kuby’s ASU water-testing program test for alligators in Maricopa County’s murky swamp?

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