Fox News Reports Condoms in San Francisco Middle Schools

During The O’Reilly Factor on February 5th, Bill O’Reilly’s guest, Stuart Varney, briefed the host about San Francisco (SFUSD) schools pondering condom distribution to 11-year olds. We are grateful that O’Reilly could spare a couple minutes from the Cruz vs. Carson vs. Trump coverage to share the sorry state of our public schools, especially those in secular San Francisco.   (The previous sentence is an oxymoron, San Francisco should change its name.)

It seems Richard Carranza, SFUSD superintendent, is smarter than all the parents of all the children enrolled in the district.  He is even smarter than all the taxpayers who support the district.  Not only does he propose distributing condoms, he will not require parents to be notified.

SF schools

It’s easy to think well, that’s San Francisco, we shouldn’t be surprised.  How did San Francisco become so indifferent to marriage, protecting youth, ethics, and common sense?  It didn’t happen overnight.  This is the same municipality whose city council hid from reporters after Kate Steinle’s senseless murder.  Who elected these individuals on council and school boards?  Will the citizens of San Francisco demand some changes in future elections or just figure that’s the way it is in the shadows of the Golden Gate Bridge?

In San Francisco, the plan is for the child to meet with a school nurse or social worker to determine whether the child is ready for a condom.  Notice there is no mention of parental involvement.  Not a surprise, follow the yellow brick road to the source of the scandal.

United Educators of San Francisco is a union that supports various school board members and also has a PAC to fund candidate campaigns.  In 2012 UESF endorsed a number of candidates for the San Francisco School Board.   And wow, look at the money from UESF behind their campaigns:

uesf $$ 2012

No surprise, right?  A little more detective work and we see the culprit–Planned Parenthood is a friend of United Educators of San Francisco.  On page 5 of the UESF Assembly Meeting on February 12, 2012, there is a small blurb for a Planned Parenthood event the next day, the same day “God Bless Planned Parenthood Obama” would be in town.  About 8 weeks later, this video by Obama was released:

Question, are the walls behind the President in the White House always pink or was the video photo shopped with Planned Parenthood Pink?

This partnership is likely just the tip of the iceberg in San Francisco, and it’s worth betting the same plans are being developed in your city and state to undermine your parental authority.  If you live in Northern California, keep an eye on The Noise Coalition for pro-life news in your area.


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