Flagstaff Unified Uses Covid Excuse to Purchase Panorama for Mind Control

Many times we hear candidates for a federal office tell us one of their goals is to do away with the United States Department of Education. Those who use the Constitution as their barometer enthusiastically support this statement yet know it will never happen. The Department of Education is so huge and intertwined into local districts we will likely never see the end of it. When the department was created under President Jimmy Carter, we thought it was to improve education for all students in the USA, never mind the blatant admission that the department would be data mining our children. This paragraph is in the Wikipedia page describing the history and responsibilities of the US Department of Education.

This is the front page of the US Department of Education.

Which brings us to today. Many are telling us the Covid virus release was planned for political purposes. That might be another story for another website, but unfortunately it is relevant here. The dialogue in some Arizona school districts makes us wonder what the US Department of Education knew about Covid.

We have dabbled in Creighton’s marriage to Panorama Education and Surveys, brought to you by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s family. Just up Insterstate 17, Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) was preparing for social emotional learning AND surveys before schools reopened from the Covid closure. In late June of 2020, a representative from FUSD was determined to land a program which would survey district students based on social emotional learning.

Cathy Cox contacted several Social Emotional Learning vendors and received quotes from a few companies in addition to Panorama. The lesson to be learned is when researching SEL in your local district, don’t just look for Panorama or CASEL. Sadly, there are many companies who are preying on your children and their teachers to gather data and use that data to manipulate their minds going forward. Here are a few other companies and why Flagstaff chose Panorama instead.

Flagstaff Unified had contact with the president of Tripod Services, Alka Pateriya.

Unfortunately, Ms. Pateriya is a a graduate of the Bill and Melinda Gates think tank. Yes, this is the same Bill and Melinda Gates who support abortion and experimental vaccines for all, including children. This is the same Bill Gates who hangs with Satanists. These are the same people who want to know everything about you and your children. Stick with us because we will show you why shortly.

A company called XSEL Labs also offered an estimate for a Social Emotional Learning program for FUSD. Here is part of an email; notice the Professional Development push. This is exactly how many questionable programs are worming their way into the school day. This is a way to circumvent the approval process required by most governing boards and also a tactic to avoid transparency with parents.

Finally, Aperture Education was also contacted for a quote. Aperture Ed is CASEL and equity junkies.

Those of us on the outside of education likely have no idea how many companies are making big bucks off programs which have nothing to do with academics. These curricula clog the school day, taking valuable teaching time from the teachers who are called to their career for academics, not social work. Here are some charts with costs for the SEL programs Flagstaff Unified had contact with. Look at the project title, FUSD is using Covid as a need for social emotional learning. Or do companies want to market SEL so they have to manufacture a crisis, like Covid? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


Could this be why Rebecca Garelli, the Chicago transplant to Arizona (so she could earn less/year) for political purposes is creating a scenario to further isolate students in the new year? Initially she was recruited to start the Red4Ed movement in Arizona, the movement where teachers ditched their kids for six days which resulted in the Republican Arizona Legislature and Governor Ducey giving in to her demands. Based on Garelli’s post and her six day strike in 2018, it appears she really doesn’t want to be in the classroom.

Has anyone noticed problems in Arizona public schools have gotten exponentially worse since Garelli’s Red4Ed came to town? Is it a coincidence school districts are soliciting emotional data mining programs as a result of screwing up the children’s emotional state?

Back to Panorama, the owner is so humble in his introduction:

Mr. (My father-in-law says parents are domestic terrorists) Xan Tanner made a few key points regarding data mining, race, equity,and inclusion in his introduction to Flagstaff Schools. We have screenshotted a few here:

Xan Tanner, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s son-in-law, is one of the founders of Panorama Education. Look who provided seed money:

Mark Zuckerberg is the same Big Tech dude who interfered in the 2020 election. Is anything becoming clear now? Remember Big Tech, this is important as it becomes evident the Covid school closures were planned to line pockets of a small but powerful group of influencers.

The word CASEL appears in many social emotional learning references as it is the foundation.

As noted in the screenshot above, CASEL has a new CEO starting on January 1, 2022. Her name is Aaliyah Samuel and her bio lays out the fact Covid and the upheaval the teacher unions are imposing on students result in a need for social emotional learning.

Social emotional learning is really all about mind control. Remember Mark Zuckerberg and his Big Tech friends? Data mining? Attachment and dependency on phones, computers, tablets, and online library data bases? This article from the website “Corey’s Digs” demonstrates the final goal. It makes sense, or cents, if you will. There is a ton of money in the technology industry. Why was it so important to the tech industry who sits in the White House? What a tangled web they weave. Once the former Vice President was sworn in, his handlers could appoint influencial people in key positions. It is no accident Merrick Garland, Xan Tanner’s father-in-law, was appointed Attorney General and wasted no time weaponizing his office. Here are some screenshots from the post linked above. Look at the money changing hands, and none of it is towards teacher salaries:

The global agenda–Girl Scouts sell abortion cookies and Boy Scouts are no longer Boy Scouts but Any Gender Scouts. And there’s that pro-abortion vaccine bioweapon, spirit-cooking guru, Bill Gates. Funny how he appears everywhere children are stakeholders:

Data collection and Facebook (election whiz Mark Zuckerberg):

Teachers Unions and public school administrations have been relentless demanding masks on children. This is only the beginning of mind control:

Look at the chart below. Is this why Phoenix Union High School District offers incentives for teachers and staff to take the experimental shot?

The liberal talking points–climate change, diversity, gender, race, sexual orientation, and more:

We have a winner– “Under the guise of the Covid-19 pandemic…..” Is there any question now the meeting, Event 201, with Bill Gates in October 2019 was no coincidence?:

All of these “coincidences” explain why school boards are not listening to parents, why elected officals work against the Constitution, and why the Elitists continue to sexualize children. Nothing makes sense until it all makes sense. Big Tech has its hands on the Big Education steering wheel, while gullible legislators and accomodating governing board members push the gas pedal.

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