Finally an Arizona Legislator Who Supports Parents and Protects Children!

Remember these words: Parents’ Rights, Transparency, Protect Children, Protect Children’s Innocence.

Who can disagree with any of the above? Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen plans to drop SB1082 on Tuesday, January 14th as the 2020 legislative session begins. Here are a few reasons she drafted the bill:

  • Not all children are emotionally or physically ready for sex ed in elementary school.
  • School districts must provide the curriculum for 60 days prior to teaching for parents to review. How can they opt-in to something they have not been able to review? (School districts have not been forthcoming with their new sex ed curriculums previously.)
  • School Boards must have two public hearings about sex ed curriculum before approval.
  • HIV instruction must follow the same guidelines as sex ed (since it is commonly transferred through sexual contact).
  • ARS 13-3506 already exists that prohibits providing harmful, explicit sex ed materials to minors. SB1082 requires all materials adhere to this already established law. This way if material is brought from an outside source, professional development, or by any other means it must meet this same criteria. ARS 13-3501, already on the books, references providing harmful, explicit materials to minors as a Class 4 felony.
  • SB1082 discourages drug abuse.

This bill appears to be so commonsense many Arizonans are asking why there would be any push back, from Republicans or Democrats. Let’s take a look at some of the most upset legislators in the last few days. It doesn’t appear they have read the bill.

Senator Martin Quezada represents many Hispanic families who are known to take excellent care of their children and keep very good tabs on what is going on in their kids’ lives. Why does Senator Quezada not want his constituents to be able to review sex ed curriculum? Does he want those little kids exposed to material they aren’t ready for? Do the parents in his community know he would vote to keep information from them?

Here is the answer. There is to be no limit to sexualizing children because Planned Parenthood says so (see Chandler Unified School Board meeting) and the abortion mill endorsed Senator Quezada:

The next Arizona legislator who appeared to not read the bill is Representative Alma Hernandez:

These contributions from Arizona List may be affecting whether she will stand for parents or abortion. It looks like abortion comes first:

A quick search provided information Representative Alma Hernandez received a couple large donations totaling $1000 from Arizona List. She better keep supporting abortion so her constituents’ children can get their hands on sexually explicit material when they walk through the school doors.

What is it with the Latino elected officials? Money has it they were raised with parents who took an interest in their upbringing. Why do these politicians give more rights to school administrations than parents?

Here is a nice donation from the Arizona Education Association, also known as the teachers union:

It is no surprise government schools don’t want parents involved; they may find out what is really being taught (or not taught).

Here’s a great tweet that exposes a lot, in conjunction with Representative Chavez’s above tweet:

Representative Daniel Hernandez has been quite vocal on twitter about how dangerous Senator Allen’s bill is. But he won’t tell us why. His Arizona LGBTQ Caucus was celebrating with Superintendent Hoffman last April when a law was tossed that protected Arizona schoolchildren.

Representative Daniel Hernandez has been very active on twitter the last few days. However, he has not answered a question that was posed to him over 48 hours ago:

The same question was asked of Senator Quezada but he must be checking with Planned Parenthood to see how to answer because he has not responded as of this writing.

Speaking of Planned Parenthood, here’s the best tweet in response to Senator Allen’s SB1082:

Bryan Howard is the President of Planned Parenthood of Arizona. His tweet might be a tip that his abortion mill may be offering transgender hormones to minors in the future. They are going to have to increase their customer base because they were slapped with a $3 million judgement against them last August for a variety of reasons. One was doctoring patient records (that’s not medically accurate!)

We hope SB1082 successfully makes it through the legislative labyrinth and ultimately to Governor Ducey’s desk to sign. Rest assured this bill was written for families and children, not special interest groups like the other side is protecting. We appreciate Senator Allen’s attention to the concerns of Arizonans; she spent many hours listening to PARENTS.

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