Fairfax County Board Members who Voted Yes on Gender Identity Curriculum

First, meet Megan McLaughlin. Ms. McLaughlin was endorsed by the Fairfax County Democratic Committee. Not to paint every Democratic Party organization with the same pink brush, but odds are most support Planned Parenthood’s agenda and visa versa. Planned Parenthood was a key player behind opposing pro-life candidate Ken Cuccinelli for Lt. Governor in Virginia recently as reported in the previous link.

Look what Ms. McLaughlin posted on Facebook the night she was elected. She promised accountability, transparency, and engagement (although she has spelling issues–no biggie, she’s just doing all this for the kids.)

Megan McLaughlin for School Board
November 8, 2011 ·
“Tonight, I won Fairfax County’s Braddock District School Board seat (60%-40%). I am very excited to serve our community and am deeply grateful for the tremendous support I received throughout my 7 months campaign! Here’s to better accountability, transparency and community engagment in our public schools! Now I am off to sleep….”

Well, Fairfax voters, let’s hold Ms. McLaughlin accountable at her next election.

The same talking points over and over on Jane Strauss’s Facebook page:

Vote Janie Strauss
October 7, 2011 ·
“Great luncheon today with Democratic women in McLean! At my left is Barbara Favola, running for State Senate and to my right is Pamela Danner, running for Delegate. We had a powerful discussion about the importance of our races this November. Education and women’s health continue to be two of the most important issues women care about most.”

Although Ms. Strauss’s Facebook post is 4 years old, the code words never change. We all know “women’s health” means abortion and birth control on demand, paid for by the government, while cramming it into schools despite parent opposition.

And look at the pro-abortion candidate Ms. Strauss endorsed. It’s pretty clear Ms. Strauss is in the middle of the pro-abortion network, which will help her get donations and votes for her election this fall. No wonder she voted against families and for gender identity, follow the money!

Fairfax voters (Dranesville District), Jane Strauss does not deserve another term on your school board.

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