Exciting News for Parents in the United States

Good things take time, and finally we can announce a huge step towards protecting children from Planned Parenthood and sexualization, especially while they are in school. 

As you know, NotInOurSchools began in Arizona when residents of Tempe were lied to and deceived by their high school governing board and superintendent over whether Planned Parenthood was welcome in the schools.  We quickly realized similar scenarios were occurring throughout the country and this website was born.  The other side is well-funded and protected by the media and government while our side usually is dependent on volunteers and is forced to play defense.

Thankfully a couple people came together from opposite sides of the country–South Carolina and Hawaii.  Gradually more and more concerned parents joined in and a small coalition was born two years ago.  Since then, many have devoted numerous hours and resources to launch the Protect Child Health Coalition or PCHC.  We are thrilled to be part of this coalition.

Check out the PCHC website.  We are especially excited about the map families from around the country can use to ask for help in their state.  Also, The Toxic Ten list is worth a visit and will be updated as needed.  It was hard to compile a list of JUST ten child sexual agitators.  Several members of the Toxic Ten list have been addressed in previous posts in this website.

Nothing will change for NotInOurSchools, however we are honored to be teamed with others from around the United States, as well as experts in the field who will assist us in our endeavors to make our schools and culture safe for all children.  This is an opportunity for more families to get involved.  The work hasn’t lessened, but we are better prepared to assist you.  There is still plenty to do and we look forward to working with you.


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