Excellent Planned Parenthood Sex Education Synopsis


Many of the comments we receive tell us Planned Parenthood is the hero in the sex ed industry, students need to learn sex ed, and we should take our ball and go home.  Somebody has to teach kids about sex ed, so why not them? We are told Planned Parenthood is the most knowledgeable, they are medically accurate, and they care about women. Maybe in a fantasy world this is the case, but we deal with facts.

Recently an article by American Family Association was published about Planned Parenthood and its sexualization of kids.  We have copied it here:

Recently, Dr. Michelle Cretella, a pediatrician, was interviewed by Tucker Carlson regarding the lack of information disseminated about the dangers of transgender procedures on children.  Of course those disagreeing with Dr. Cretella’s research are calling out the interview as hateful.  Those who disagree would be better served by sharing their data in support of transgendering children, and in a respectful manner.  It appears they are very afraid of losing the gravy train they can make off confused kids who have been sexualized by the culture.  Add TLC Channel to the list as it pimps out a troubled trans teen for ratings.

Even if you have seen Family Watch International’s video about Comprehensive Sex Ed, it’s worth another look as a reminder of what may be going on in your child’s school and elsewhere.  Now if we can get school boards and district superintendents to hop on board to protect their students……..

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