Does Federal Law Override Governor Ducey’s Veto of SB1456?

It took DCJoe and his handlers’ dismantling of our country’s foundation to rock parents enough to finally get involved in their children’s education. Daily we are hearing reports of what the kids are faced with either in the classroom or on their computer during online learning.

Last week Arizonans were shocked when Republican-in-Name-Only Governor Doug Ducey vetoed an excellent bill to protect children, SB1456. To summarize, public school children in kindergarten through fourth grade would not have had their day interrupted to talk about the over 100 genders academia created and parents would be allowed to see the sex ed curriculum being shared with their children.

For now, let’s focus on part two, the transparency issue. This is the second year in a row the adults in the Arizona Legislature who respect parents put forth a bill to assure as best as possible parents are in the loop. Many “educators”, including Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman, are sneaking adult material into the classroom through the backdoor. Often the teachers attend professional training and then bring their new show-and-tell to the classroom, circumventing the legal channels to approve curriculum. Also, there are many links to obscene material, or material that some students are not ready to view, that are accessible through online curriculum. (Parents decide what their children are emotionally ready for, not Kathy Hoffman, Red for Ed, nor the teachers union.)

This year parents were hopeful as SB1456 passed both the Arizona House and Senate and was simply waiting for Governor Ducey’s signature. That should have been a piece of cake, after all he did run as a member of the political party which supports family values. However, Ducey disappointed his base again.

But wait, do we need a curriculum transparency bill? Maybe not! It could be the children are already protected under United States law and nobody told us. Thanks to a reader who sent us this article from the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). The article lays out one parent’s frustration with a Planned Parenthood abortion curriculum in another state. Here is a screenshot of the plot:

Read the entire US penal code about curriculum transparency posted by the ACLJ here. This is the pertinent screenshot:

We know legal terms are difficult for laymen to decipher and one word can change the meaning of the entire paragraph. For this reason, we are simply presenting these information. To those in the legal world and in the Arizona Legislature, do we need to wait for Governor Ducey to sign a transparency bill?

We look forward to hearing input and hope parents use this information in their own districts. Either comment on this website or at @nopinkschool on Twitter. We look forward to further conversation about this.

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