Did Paradise Valley’s Governing Board Become More Radical Due to Republicans?

Many are basking in school board wins by grassroots parents with traditional values. It is quite a relief to see at least one seat in many districts which won’t be controlled by teachers union or sexual agendas. But something happened in Paradise Valley Unified School District on November 8th. There were four Republicans running for three seats. Three of the Republicans have solid values and want to serve parents and children. Only one of them won.

The other two seats were won by candidates who are quite bold about their sexual fantasies. The first is Tony Pantera.

Paradise Valley School Board Candidate is a Verified Nudist – YouTube

Mr. Pantera, when not stripping in public, has also held the position of the teacher’s union representative in Paradise Valley schools.

We have written incessantly about the teachers unions and their abortion groupies. Tony Pantera’s candidacy caught the attention of someone in Colorado. Colorado? For an Arizona school board race?

We have screenshotted a bio for Merle Chambers below. Ironically, she has made oodles of money off the gas industry (don’t tell the climate changers, it may contradict their talking points) but she spends it on, you guessed it, abortion!

Here is a link to Mr. Pantera’s third quarter 2022 donations. One caught our eye, and it is from south Tempe. Why does a person in Tempe care about a school board election at the opposite end of the valley, to the tune of $2500?

Tony Pantera is bought and paid for not only by the abortion industry, but local contractors. The Farrells own Progressive Roofing, who are big supporters of school board override elections across the metro Phoenix area. Don’t let the listed occupation “Homemaker” fool you. Paradise Valley residents, watch and see who Mr. Pantera chooses for construction projects. Take a look at the the Pantera third quarter link again: 2022_48251.pdf (maricopa.gov) There is a masonry company, a flooring company, and an architect, all of whom donated a lot of money to his campaign. Is it just a coincidence Progressive Roofing/Lauren Farrell donated to the Paradise Valley Bond Override election in November?

Moving on to one of the other Paradise Valley Governing Board winners, Kerry Baker made it very clear what her priority is for the district.

Kerry Baker’s statements are scary. Perhaps she hasn’t heard of the medical issues occurring after taking the experimental, unproven blood clot shot. (The CDC won’t tell us because the agency is funded by Big Pharma, the makers of the shots).

Unvaxed In DANGER From mRNA Shedding Too Late CDC Admits Clot Shot Causes Myocarditis & Heart Issues – Stew Peters

The GREAT AWAKENING Masses Wake Up To Vaccine Genocide As Miscarriages Cancers and Deaths Skyrocket – Stew Peters

FORECAST Chance of Clots 100%; Double Jabbed Al Roker Developed Clots, Failed To Host Macy’s Parade – Stew Peters

Mrs. Baker’s stifling of children by insisting on masks again will lead to more mental problems, which means Paradise Valley Schools will “need” more school psychologists. Sounds like a good plan to usher in Whole/Community Schools.

Mrs. Baker’s third quarter financial report reads much like Tony Pantera’s. She received the same $2500 donation from “homemaker” and owner of Progressive Roofing, Lauren Farrell, as well as donations from the familiar list of local contractors. And of course, the abortion donation. Abortion supporters also enjoy ripping apart childrens’ genitals, so this falls right in line with Kerry Baker’s plan for an LGBTQalphabet handbook for PVUSD.

So how did this happen? Parents on both sides of the aisle do not support sexual agendas in schools, especially districts which include elementary students. Some of the blame has to go once again to the Republican Party. For so many years, the Party has either been out of touch or indifferent to local concerns. While Republican Party officials should not determine who runs, it is time the GOP calls a spade a spade.

In PVUSD, there was a fourth “Republican” candidate who ran and garnered enough votes to prevent a solid Republican from winning one of the seats. Sheryl Evenson, a Red for Ed supporter, claimed to be a Republican. Since the Red for Ed movement demanded more money for schools without accountability, along with many of its members supporting abortion but not school choice, Evenson can’t really be a Republican. Precinct Committeemen in the Paradise Valley area did their own polling and Evenson polled very low, likely due to screenshots like the one below.

Mrs. Evenson’s opponents racked up conservative endorsements, but she did not. Nonetheless, the Republican Party was silent about Evenson’s liberal stances. Everyone has the right to run for office and can call themselves whatever they want. However, if the Republican Party does not differentiate itself from the Democrats, there is no reason for its existence. See below where Evenson received advertising from the AZGOP, likely because she sponsored an event and the Party financially benefitted.

Did Evenson stay in the race to split the Republican votes so at least one grassroots, traditional candidate would lose? Or did she stay in the race because she truly felt she could win? Since Evenson supports Red for Ed, why isn’t she registered as a Democrat?

There is no difference between the Republican and Democrat Parties right now. It is the Republicans in DC who just passed a marriage protection” bill which will destroy actual marriage. Anything for money, right?

Evidently $1.6 million wasn’t enough for those pretenders. They tell us the LGBTQ folks are discriminated against but somehow they have a lot of money to throw around.

It is the Republicans in DC who were silent on December 9, 2022 when the corrupt, Big Pharma-funded CDC recommended babies receive the unproven blood clot shot. How many Congressional Republicans receive campaign donations from Pfizer and Moderna?

The Republican Party will be choosing national and state chairmanships soon. Unless the Republican Party decides to deny deals with evil, we will continue to elect sexual deviants from school board to President.

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