Creighton School District Parents Push Back Against Planned Parenthood

Focus on one battle at a time and eventually the war will be won.  As reported in an earlier post, Creighton School District (Phoenix, AZ) has been cozying up with Planned Parenthood for several years.

This school year, Planned Parenthood trained Creighton’s special projects director, Sylvia Earl, to train the district’s teachers to implement FLASH, one of Planned Parenthood’s sex ed curriculums.  Parent meetings were scheduled (some parents were notified but not all), and it became clear the plan was to teach sex to all grades starting in kindergarten.

Thankfully the district received a deluge of phone calls.  At this time, the plan to teach FLASH to grades K-3 is on hold.  Kudos to all who got involved.

FLASH and all comprehensive sex ed curriculums need to be dumped completely from all schools, so Creighton parents, keep up the pressure.  Also, it seems many Hispanic families in Creighton are uncomfortable with this material but are staying quiet due to the language barrier and possible immigration fears.  Is this discrimination accidental or on purpose?

Sources confirmed the reason Creighton and Sylvia Earl have partnered with Planned Parenthood is they were directed by the school board.  Any common-sense taxpayers ready to run for Creighton School Board and knock off this group pushing sex on the students?  Jeanne Casteen, part of the Planned Parenthood crew, is running again:

Planned Parenthood will attempt to reappear in the younger grades at some point when nobody is looking.  They may rename the curriculum like Tempe Union did or craft some other opportunity to mingle with the kids.

Be ready for the next battle.

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