Creighton Employee Tells Governing Board Why She Can’t Work in a Planned Parenthood District

Government school districts are putting their employees in quite a predicament. Most go into teaching because they want to share their knowledge with children and help prepare them to be productive contributors to society. Those in administration take jobs to support the teachers in the classroom, as well as the children and families. So what happens when those employees are forced to support Planned Parenthood and other organizations which do not align with their values? Unfortunately, most stay at their jobs and keep quiet; they need to make the mortgage payment and feed their families.

A line is now being drawn in the sand and the National Education Association is the one holding the stick. In July, the largest teachers union in the United States came out strongly supporting abortion, no questions asked.

Look at the money the NEA and its president, Lily Eskelson Garcia, take from teachers according to the Washington Free Beacon. It has long been suspected teachers unions are mainly to drive elections using teachers and children as cover.

Back to Creighton Schools, one staff member said no more. She was asked if she wanted to address the Creighton Governing Board and explain her resignation so she did. For five minutes, she read a heart-felt statement about the direction the district has gone as they chose Planned Parenthood over their families’ values and traditions. Creighton has a high Christian Hispanic population along with many Somali Muslims, and both groups have strong family values. Here is her testimony which she gave in both English and Spanish:

Unfortunately, the employee’s words likely fell on deaf ears. Creighton’s Governing Board President, Jeanne Casteen, stared at her with no emotion as she ratted out the district. Ms. Casteen is running for Maricopa County School Superintendent and she’s picked up a key Planned Parenthood/GLSEN endorsement:

Senator Martin Quezada is one of the politicians behind the repeal of Arizona’s law which prevented the LGBTQ lifestyle to be taught as normal in Arizona schools. He also is a member of the Pendergast Governing Board which uses a sex ed curriculum published by a partner of Planned Parenthood. Here is what Planned Parenthood won’t tell the teachers or students:

Whether or not the Creighton Governing Board and the administration is made up of believers, we can still ask them this question: Why do you want to harm other peoples’ children?

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