California Porn Photos In Middle School, But It Could Be Anywhere

I just received the following email from someone in the San Diego area.  The attached pictures are disturbing.  One would think these pictures would only be available to those 21 and over, and definitely not in a school setting.  (Warning, some are graphic.)


Hi Everyone,

These photos were shared with me today by my pastor.  I know how much all this matters to you.  What do you suggest we do to

right this wrong and what they are exposing to our middle schoolers.  If you flip #58987 upside down, it is disturbing.  Look

closely at the side images too.  Middle school children are being exposed to this.  What is wrong with this school, the teachers?

Your advice welcome.  Bless you all,



hi tech 1


Not only do most elected school board members not read the books they approve, parents are not checking out the optional media that is used in various classes to augment the approved learning materials.

Parents, please read the books they are reading in Literature Class.  Ask your kids what videos they are seeing in school.  Visit your schools!  You will be met with dirty looks.  You will be talked about.  Your child may even bear the brunt of your “intrusion.”  Think about what you can do, even with a small team of parents to share the burden.  It’s overwhelming, but any small step you can take to curb issues like what is posted above is vital.

The next post will explain how schools get away with this.

2 thoughts on “California Porn Photos In Middle School, But It Could Be Anywhere

  • November 16, 2015 at 9:00 am

    Peggy, The links you posted here are not working. Clicking on the photos just takes you to a Cox email sign in page

    • November 21, 2015 at 10:46 pm

      Fixed, I think. Thanks.

      I have since heard that this particular school’s website also has some questionable material. It never ends.

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