Brophy Prep Teaches CRT and at Quite a Price

Parents who think they can avoid Critical Race Theory by sending their children to a private school may be in for a big surprise. Catholic parents who think they are safe from teacher union agendas because they chose a “Catholic” school for their children may also be very surprised.

Brophy College Prep is Phoenix’s Jesuit boys’ high school. Historically it was an honor to be accepted to a Jesuit college prep school. While there are still great things about a Jesuit education which follows the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, over time the Jesuits have lost their Catholic focus. However, the words “Brophy College Prep” are still key to admission to top colleges throughout the country.

Because Brophy is run by Jesuits, the school is not under the authority of the Diocese of Phoenix, but under the authority of the local Jesuit superior and provincial.

Republican politicians in Arizona banned and then legislated for Critical Race Theory by approving Social Emotional Learning earlier this summer. Due to virtual learning and mask requirements, many parents have thrown in the towel and are escaping to private and charter schools. Keep an eye on what is happening at those schools, also. All it takes is one adminstrator or teacher to sneak the dreaded curriculum into the classroom. Or in Brophy Prep’s case, the school didn’t even sneak it.

Here is a letter written last year:

Evidently Principal Bob Ryan doesn’t realize Black Lives Matter is simply a vehicle to elect pro-abortion, anti-family Democrats. Or maybe he does realize? In addition, the Equity, Inclusion, BIPOC pandering sounds like he’s auditioning for “The View.”

Take notice of the “Professional Development Resources” highlighted in blue above. Does Mr. Ryan not understand public school parents have been fighting an uphill battle because “Professional Development” is exactly how teachers slip controversial agendas into classrooms? Here is a public school teacher who recently quit due to the controversial anti-Christian race theory she was forced to teach.

The teacher says she no longer wants to be a cog in a machine which pushes highly politicized agendas on children. Guess what, parents of Brophy kids get to pay $16,900 each year for the opportunity to be cogs in this Jesuit school’s politicized agenda! At least at a public school their kids could be cogs for free. In addition, the teacher in the video scolds her school district for cutting the lines of communication with parents who disagree. Again, Brophy parents pay a lot of money to have one of their lines of communication stifled. Here is what happened when parents complained about Brophy’s new “vaccination” policies, they cut the parents off from the Facebook page. We are told the Facebook Adminstrator sent a notice the page was being revised.

The Facebook adminstrator only wants positive comments. In other words, although these parents paid almost $17,000 for their child to attend this academic year, they have no say, the check has cleared the bank.

Mr. Ryan has also decided to join the Social Emotional Learning phenomenon. Next will we see Brophy going down the gender ideology path that is immersed in SEL? Also, students will be surveyed. What kind of surveys, will they be the same as those surveys being administered to public school kids regarding race and gender?

On Brophy’s website, the Equity and Inclusion director’s contact information is posted. She will be well-prepared to transfer to a similar position at a public school at some point where she can soak up all the government benefits at the same time, as long as she is the right color.

As far as “equity”, do the students who are not choosing to take the experimental “vaccine” feel that Brophy is treating them with a bias? Is Brophy’s environment one of “inclusion” for those who believe in the strength of their own God-given immune system over an unproven shot?

Brophy College Prep has forgotten that if they simply follow the Catholic Church’s teaching that all are made in the image and likeness of God there is no need for any race theory. Just like public schools, once God was voided in the classroom nothing good will fill the space.

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  • December 10, 2021 at 11:39 am

    As you predicted, Brophy has gone down the gender ideology path. Teachers now encouraging use of preferred pronouns.


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