Bill Gates and Satan

Microsoft’s Bill Gates has gotten his name all over the worldwide media again. At least this time many are rising up and saying no thanks, not this time, when his name is discussed as a developer of a Corona Virus vaccine.

But what is really behind Bill Gates’s wanting to access our children? We were under the impression that he simply wanted the best for American students by developing Common Core standards, which are a failure. And he really wants the best healthcare around world, especially for children, which has he also failed at. Does he just want his name in lights or does he indeed care about the world’s children?

Let’s put some things in perspective before Bill Gates starts taking over your child’s Art Masterpiece program at the neighborhood school. Those with more money than the rest of us can ever wrap our heads around have vastly different ways of spending our spare time. The Arts are a common denominator for the very privileged. Recently, Bill Gates hooked up with Marina Abramovic, a Satanist herself, for a Microsoft ad. We have linked it here, but in case Gates has it removed as he markets himself for a Corona Virus vaccine, here are screenshots:

Who is Marina Abramovic? She is involved in the Occult and is known for her “Spirit Cooking.” This article explains more about her hobbies. But what is Spirit Cooking? Here is a video, but please do not let your children watch it. If the video is removed at some point, just google Marina’s name and Spirit Cooking and plenty of links will surface. Because she is part of the elite art world, she pals around with the Rothchilds, as seen in the screenshot above. Abramovic is pictured with Jacob Rothchild, but look behind them at Satan hanging around. That should be no surprise because pictured below is another Rothchild wearing Satanic jewelry.

So what is the big deal? Why should we pick on Bill Gates’s friends? Water seeks its own level. Why does Bill Gates experiment on children and get away with it in the media? Why does he treat babies as something disposable? Here is a clip which explains Gates’s elitist ties with population control, vaccines, and Planned Parenthood. And this video ties population control Gates with President Trump’s Corona Virus task force leaders Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx.

We should no longer be stumped as to why Bill Gates sees no dignity in children, they are mere commodities to him. Here is Gates spending some time Spirit Cooking. So let’s put this all together. Bill Gates uses his Microsoft company to data mine our students years ago under the guise of Common Core. Gates has spent much of his fortune developing vaccines for children and he’s suddenly a main player in the Corona Virus fix. Meanwhile he’s palling around with known Satanist Marina Abramovic, who eats body fluids and body parts. Gates and his wife Melinda are huge supporters and donors to Planned Parenthood and other population control organizations. And what do you know, didn’t we just see multiple videos several years ago about Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts?

This is really too much for most of us to accept. These videos will be removed from the internet, but keep researching because Bill Gates will not go away, therefore more damaging evidence will appear. Keep all this in mind not just when Planned Parenthood wants to “teach” your children, but also when the government (including school districts) demands a Corona vaccination, medical tests, Common Core, data mining, sex ed, and any other program it deems will make you and your children “safe”.

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