Beware “Consent Agenda”

Long gone are the days when parents could choose a school district based on values, reputation, and curriculum. All public school districts are pretty much the same now. Local control has disappeared because we were so trusting, and sadly, too many parents are still disengaged.

Earlier this year, Mesa Public Schools (MPS) slipped a purchase of EBSCO and Gale Data Bases right in front of everyone’s eyes, but they tricked the public at the same time. MPS awarded new contracts using a “Consent Agenda.” Here is the definition from which describes this once benign procedure:

One would think a spending request regarding curriculum would be not be considered routine. On February 23, 2021, Mesa Public Schools lumped a $1 million spending package into their meeting’s consent agenda.

The highlighted comment above is a head-scratcher. “It is in the District’s best interest….” What about the children? To make matters worse, none of the MPS Governing Board members batted an eye during the meeting and all five quickly approved the purchase.

What was in that $1 million package? A boatload of new curriculum. During the study session, the speaker mentioned “the science of reading” several times. How much does the art of teaching reading really need to change? We still only have 26 letters in the alphabet. What the Board did approve was a huge list of online curriculum; how convenient since schools were shut down due to a virus.

As we have been reporting, there are several online data base companies who embed obscene material into some of their links. EBSCO and Gale are currently two of the biggest abusers. As you can see from this list, Mesa Schools consented for lots of curriculum from each.

The highlighted red “No” does not mean MPS passed on these purchases. The column refers to whether the contract pricing can be used by other districts.

Just a few months ago we exposed what material Mesa public school children can access through their school library while doing online research using EBSCO. Cengage is the parent company of Gale. When parents around the country began to realize EBSCO acts as sexual predators, sex for sale companies started loading their content into Gale data bases. Not every EBSCO or Gale data base is x-rated. Most contain good information. Gale One File has been especially bad in recent years, and much depends on what is being searched. As with anything online, one click leads to another and another and before long your children are deep in a pornographic hole. When Mesa School District, or any school district, tells parents not to worry, they have filters so the obscene material can’t be accessed, they are wrong. These purchases are proprietary, therefore the material cannot be broken up so to speak.

We are not surprised one of Mesa’s newest board members approved of these purchases. Mrs. Kiana Sears has a buddy from the Chandler Unified School Board ,the member who campaigned to represent Planned Parenthood.

Here is the usual Arizona List endorsement for female candidates who insist on mutilating women and babies.

Is it no surprise the same mayor, Mayor John Giles, who pushed the LGBTQAlphabet ordinance which allows men to access women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and shelters endorsed Kiana Sears for Mesa Public Schools Governing Board.

Everything is falling right into place for the sexual predators disguised as elected officials. During the February 23rd study session, the speaker pointed out several times the new curriculum would align with MPS’s Social-Emotional learning standards (more counselors to come between parents and children while perverting the kids). The Left tells us there is no Critical Race Theory in Arizona schools and the Right says CRT is now banned. Call it what you want, but look at the fourth bullet point:

Congratulations: Mesa Public Schools and the City of Mesa are now as liberal as Tempe, Arizona, right next door! And most residents don’t even know it.

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