AZCentral Lists West Phoenix’s LD29 Legislature Race as One to Watch

Today the local on-line version of the Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix included LD29‘s race for the Arizona State Senate as one to watch.  Yesterday we featured this legislative district, which is heavily Hispanic and pro-life.  Currently, all three incumbents represent Planned Parenthood, and not the families who reside in the area.

The three pro-life Democratic challengers are Lydia Hernandez, Rosa Cantu, and Cesar Chavez.  These three will not bend to the pressures of the Planned Parenthood/Martin Quezada money machine.  Hernandez, Cantu, and Chavez are knocking on doors, meeting the voters, taking part in the community, and turning down money from the culture of death.

Here is a shot of azcentral’s piece today:

azcentral ld29

Voters in LD29, remember to vote for Hernandez, Cantu, and Chavez on August 30, 2016.  If you have an early ballot, DO NOT let anyone fill it out for you.  If you are not sure who is asking you for your ballot, don’t give it to them.  There are people in your neighborhood looking for empty early ballots to fill them in with pro-Planned Parenthood politicians who don’t represent you.  If you are unsure about your early ballot, go to your polling place to vote.



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