Will Arizona’s LD26 Reelect Infanticide Supporter Athena Salman?

Recently we disclosed Arizona’s Legislative District 26 Representative Athena Salman and her ties to abortion and the Satanic Temple. All are intertwined, which makes sense but nobody really wants to talk about this subject. What other religion actually raffles off abortions?

But there is more in the list of Athena Salman’s greatest hits. Arizonans should never forget the bill she and 16 other sleazy politicians sponsored in the 2019 legislative session. Early that year, a bill was proposed that would no longer require those in the Arizona medical community to assist an infant born alive after an abortion. (Yes, sometimes those “clumps of cells” actually do survive.) Our resident Planned Parenthood employee, Representative Raquel Teran, was the prime sponsor. But Salman added her name to augment Teran’s efforts.

Here is the body of the HB2696. It is a long read, so below is the section of current law this group of lawmakers crossed off:

It is chilling, but not for Representative Salman evidently. There is always the web of money, like this thank you donation from Representative Planned Parenthood Teran to Salman last fall.

Look who else was lured into the infanticide web. Richie Taylor is the spokesman for the Arizona Department of Education and he also donated to Athena Salman.

Kathy Hoffman, Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, has not been popular with parents and teachers who want her to focus on academics instead of her radical agenda which has nothing to do with education. Is it a coincidence she hired someone who supports one of the most menacing politicians at the state level? What favors does Salman now owe Mr. Taylor and his boss, Superintendent Hoffman?

Athena Salman’s infanticide bill should be on every mailer her opposition sends to constituents in LD26, east of Phoenix. In fact, her picture and this bill should be sent to every Christian household in LD26, Democrat or Republican. Do not let her hide from her Satanic beliefs, her true religion, the sacrament of abortion. Make her defend her positions.

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