ASU’s “Next Education Workforce” is Really Whole/Community Schools

Many parents have tried to persuade the Arizona Legislature to avoid Whole or Community Schools, but it appears the concept is being backdoored into our schools regardless, and via our tax money. Why did the legislature even toy with Whole Schools in 2022 since Whole/Community Schools were already here? Is there something in it for politicians?

Arizona State University, yes, the same ASU which squashes free speech and has ties to the World Economic Forum, has developed “Next Education Workforce” through the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Academia never quite gets it right so they religiously spend our tax dollars on some new concept and when that fails we will be blessed with their next taxpayer-funded boondoggle. Just another day in Arizona. It’s almost like Big Education knows public schools are failing miserably but is devoted to milking the grift system as long as possible.

This brainchild of ASU sounds great on paper. It has sprung up in several districts so far, mainly Kyrene in south Tempe and Ahwatukee, Mesa, and Fountain Hills. The flowery, feel-good descriptions are predictable, but let’s take a closer look at some specifics and who is behind it.

Stevenson Elementary in Mesa uses Net Education Workforce; the video below is from ASU’s website. Listen to the principal of Stevenson and pay attention to the references to feelings and relationships. And what is with crowding all those students together? We are always told by teachers they need smaller class sizes.

Did you catch Ms. Adams mention Portrait of a Graduate? Check out what POG really is here. It is very likely your district is using some form of it. If you ask you’ll get a word salad response that is supposed to make you feel comfortable so you go away and stop pestering administration.

Smith Junior High in Mesa also is using Portrait of a Graduate and Next Education Workforce.

Who are “Community Educators”? That really leaves the door open to almost anyone. Of course, the Whole Child is the focus, which means that educator may focus on students’ mental or physical health, which opens the door for in-school health clinics, mental evaluations which data mine children and parents, and then the dreaded Child Protective Services which can be called in by anyone on these classroom teams. This would fall under “complementary services” as highlighted below.

Who is behind Next Generation Workforce? Here are just a few of the bios from the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College website at Arizona State.

It’s no wonder new teachers enter their first jobs focusing on equity, diversity, and inclusion instead of academics. Look at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College website.

Who is Iveta Silova?

Is that the same United Nations which has endorsed Planned Parenthood and its affiliates for years? Read about the UN’s gender and sustainable goals here. The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College sustainability goals are not far off from those of the United Nations.

In 20 years when these Next Education Workforce students somehow secure a high school diploma and then enter medical school because they fit in some attention-grabbing group, what skills will they have to actually handle life and death situations with patients? Will any of them have math and science skills to fly an airplane full of travelers? Who will have the innovation and creativity to start and maintain a successful business? Where did academics go?

It seems Arizona State is not focused on teaching for academic purposes. After Kathy Hoffman lost her bid for a second term as the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College hired her. This is the same public official who linked a sex grooming chat room on the department’s website. ASU rewarded her and now she gets to mentor the candidates who will be teaching Arizona’s children.

The Whole/Community School concept has many layers to peel back. We will address a move by Governor Doug Ducey before he left office in an upcoming post. Until then, there is another concerned Arizonan who is looking into ASU’s Next Education Workforce and its impact in the Fountain Hills School District. Scroll down in this link to read more about how your tax dollars are being spent on this diversity, inclusion, and equity program.

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