Arizonans Who Vote Republican, You’ve Been Stabbed in the Back…Again

In February, a bill was introduced in the Arizona Legislature to restrict government grant money from being used for sex education by organizations who are affiliated with providing abortions. Mesa’s state Senator Tyler Pace did some sort of verbal gymnastics to kill the bill in committee.

Well, well, well, it looks like state Senator Wendy Rogers was correct to try to head off any further damage to our youth. On the heels of the mysterious Roe vs. Wade leak at the Supreme Court, take a look at what Arizona Family Health Partnership tweeted last week.

Lest we forget, here are a few screenshots from our state-funded pro-sexualization of children Arizona Department of Health Services/Arizona Family Health Partnership website:

This “family health” division of the Arizona Department of Health Services DOES promote abortion. Our tax money is teaching children how to access abortion. How much will Arizona Family Health Partnership be allotted in the budget the Arizona Legislature is hammering out as we write this?

Maybe this fall we can elect some true Republicans who listen to Arizonans instead of lobbyists. So many legislators think their constituents are dumb and even worse, treat their constituents like they are dumb. Back at you Tyler Pace and your ilk.

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