Arizona State Senator Follows Planned Parenthood Marching Orders

It didn’t take long for Arizona State Senator Sean Bowie to bring Planned Parenthood’s demands to the Capitol in his first few weeks at the helm.  During the campaign for Legislative District 18 Senate (southeast Phoenix, south Tempe, parts of Mesa and Chandler), Bowie promised he would fight for schools and funding.  He and his fellow Democratic candidates led voters to believe they care about education.

During debates, Candidate Bowie kept his association with Planned Parenthood under wraps.  But readers knew why the Democrats propped up this inexperienced young man.

Where is that education bill Bowie was going to drop?  It’s actually an LGBTQXYZ bill designed to require not just the workplace, but schools with “Gender” mandates, never mind male and female per biology.  Once the link is opened, notice all the times the words “Gender” and “Gender Identity” are noted in the new text of the bill.  Furthermore, why isn’t the word “sex” in reference to men or women no longer satisfactory in the English language?

Here are a few screenshots of Bowie’s burdensome, identity politics, Planned Parenthood/GLSEN bill:

The bill’s sponsors include not only Sean Bowie, but also Martin Quezada and Mitzi Epstein, both of whom we have written about.  Planned Parenthood got behind many  Democratic candidates this past election season.  When reading the organization’s reasons for supporting a particular candidate they never ask whether that individual will support the United States Constitution or keep residents safe.

Senators Bowie, Quezada and Representative Mitzi Epstein also deem it their business to push the gender identity mandate on religious schools:

Voters in Arizona Legislative District 18 were lead to believe Bowie and Epstein were the answer to Arizona’s education challenges.  These mandates require an additional layer of government which will cost schools more money–probably not what voters had in mind.

Notinourschools will keep readers updated on the progress of this particular bill and any others Planned Parenthood’s candidates push on Arizona residents this session.



2 thoughts on “Arizona State Senator Follows Planned Parenthood Marching Orders

  • February 2, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    Call Arizona Senate and tell them to vote against SB 1382.

    • February 5, 2017 at 12:09 am

      You are correct!

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