Arizona Schools Chief Encourages Dangerous Lifestyles

There are no rules anymore.  The word “free” is completely misused and has become a term to make people feel good about themselves, with no acknowledgement of the consequences of deviant behavior.  In Arizona, GLSEN and its closed-minded supporters are pushing hard, despite laws to the contrary.

Very few parents are pushing back; they are either unaware or unclear about the dangers to their beloved children and their circle of friends.

Arizona’s new, hip schools chief has spent the last few weeks campaigning for the LGBTQ agenda instead of higher math scores, improved reading comprehension, and science.

One of the 2018 Republican Party candidates for the Superintendent of Public Instruction teaches at a Christian school.  Imagine if he had won the election and promoted any pro-life or pro-marriage event on the official Arizona Schools Twitter account.  Ms. Hoffman gets no pushback, instead she gets loving replies on Twitter and the Arizona GOP is silent.  We are hearing nothing from the  Republican State Legislators who sponsored and supported the pro-family, healthy curriculum that Ms. Hoffman is destroying through her bully pulpit.

As employees of Planned Parenthood and related organizations bravely leave the industry and share their stories, we are getting more than a glimpse of what is going on inside the clinics.  Monica Cline is now on the outside and free to share her experiences of when she was stuck in the jaws of Comprehensive Sex Education and Planned Parenthood.

Please watch this video.  This is Monica’s story.  Parents in Arizona, ask yourself why Ms. Cline had to sneak into schools?  What kind of business that is “for the children” must hide to accomplish its goals?  And what kind of organization who is demanding to be in schools has to hide their tweets?  Ms. Cline has the answers which we will need for the battles ahead.



2 thoughts on “Arizona Schools Chief Encourages Dangerous Lifestyles

  • April 1, 2019 at 8:52 pm

    What does sharing with children that gay and transgender people exist and deserve respect and fairness like all other human beings have to do with abortion though?

    • April 1, 2019 at 11:09 pm

      Good question, ask Planned Parenthood. They want to get to children any way possible and these curriculums provide an opportunity to establish relationships with administrators, teachers, staff, and students. Thanks!

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