Arizona Public Schools Chief Receives National Attention (Finally)

From her first day in office, Arizonans had a pretty good idea what kind of education Superintendent Kathy Hoffman would endorse. We have written about her interests several times. Within Arizona, Superintendent Hoffman drew lots of attention to herself when her office breached the identity of over 700 Empowerment Scholarship Account families in January. Last summer, her attempt to change the sex ed guidelines was shot down quickly after hours and hours of parents speaking against her proposed changes.

This week a tweet about Hoffman’s sexual agenda went viral. Many in the country had not heard of her until then. Suddenly the Superintendent was complaining on social media about her predicament. The bloom was off the rose and she didn’t like it. Were there threats to Ms. Hoffman and her family? Or did she just not like the negative national attention? We don’t know and we hope there were no threats, but if so she should file a police report. Oh, wait…..she doesn’t support police officers in schools. Maybe she can call a social worker to handle the situation.

Even Hoffman’s communications director and supporter of infanticide Richie Taylor tried to come to his boss’s defense:

Our democracy? The United States is a Republic. Maybe bringing back the Pledge of Allegiance would be a good idea so our students know our form of government. The feeble Arizona media also had to provide cover for Superintendent Hoffman, and this take was especially interesting.

It’s okay, we forgive Mr. Taylor and Mr. Rosenblatt for not keeping up with our website as we have regularly covered Superintendent Hoffman’s interests in sexualizing school children. Maybe now they will. In the meantime, let’s check out those QAnon conspiracy theories which are enveloping Ms. Hoffman.

First, let’s take a look at the Arizona Department of Education website, an agency run by Superintendent Kathy Hoffman. Here is the link, but we will screenshot the information we found in the website in case those pesky QAnon conspiracy theorists come calling and Hoffman changes the site. On the front page, click on schools and teachers. A drop down box will appear, and from that list click Adult Education Services.

At the bottom of the Adult Services Page shown above is a link to the newsletter.

In the right hand column just a few lines down is a link in red that says “Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education from Teaching Tolerance”. Before you click it, notice the ADE logo in the top left corner. Hoffman’s department didn’t sub this out to anyone, this is completely her doing.

Once you enter the Critical Practices site (Teaching Tolerance), let the fun begin. Although most of the material is wrapped with a pretty bow and flowery words, the bottom line is the recommended material is pro-Black Lives Matter and pro-LGBTQ sexualization in the school setting. We have already discussed the negative impact of Black Lives Matter for our country and children, so for this discussion we are focusing on the sexual agenda that Kathy Hoffman doesn’t want Arizonans to know about.

Once you are in the Teaching Tolerance page, you will see the options circled in yellow. By selecting material linked in each drop down box, a treasure trove of questionable classroom material is at hand for adults and children.

The screenshots below are only a fraction of the options included in the Arizona Department of Education’s website, run by Kathy Hoffman. At the top of each screenshot, the site information is listed in the bar so readers can see which part of Teaching Tolerance to visit to find these links. Keep in mind, the site is loaded with White hate, Black Lives Matter, Anti-Trump, and LGBTQ lineups, for both students and teachers.

The reason we highlighted the Southern Poverty Law Center is this group is one of the most anti-family, anti-Christian values groups in the country. It seems every pro-family and American tradition are trashed as hate groups by the SPLC. Watch for this pattern.

Jazz Jennings is a troubled young person who is male but under the influence of the cable channel TLC, underwent a sex change operation. Sadly, Jazz is now sterile, and all for money, viewers, and social media clicks.

Superintendent Kathy Hoffman’s friends circled the wagons to protect her from national public scrutiny. Unfortunately, the scrutiny is well-deserved and has nothing to do with QAnon and everything to do with her behavioral patterns. It is very clear what Ms. Hoffman is forcing on her schools, teachers, and students. Arizona, don’t forget our tax money is paying for her crummy Arizona Department of Education website.

2 thoughts on “Arizona Public Schools Chief Receives National Attention (Finally)

  • August 26, 2020 at 9:05 pm

    Thanks for making this post. It’s well written and informative. Also, it saved me – and I’m sure many others – a lot of time digging into the hubbub surrounding Hoffman.

    When the media rarely tells the truth it’s hard work to figure out what the truth actually is. One thing is certain, and that is that this degenerate Superintendent has to go.

    • August 29, 2020 at 8:40 pm

      Thank you for reading. We need a good, solid candidate to run against her in two years. They need to start campaigning within the next year to get his/her name across the whole state.

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