Arizona Pro-Life Leader Secured $1.5 Million, Some of Which May Feed Planned Parenthood Allies

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” President Ronald Reagan warned about that terrifying statement. He was correct, ask any parent trying to manipulate the public education system right now.

We have another problem in Arizona, or maybe we should say an existing problem just got bigger thanks to a government handout. For at least three years Cathi Herrod, President of Center for Arizona Policy, tried to slide a $3 million “Family Health Pilot Program” bill through the Arizona Legislature. The bill didn’t pass because she didn’t have the votes. This year she was able to slip this into the Arizona state budget as a one year, $1.5 million line item. Herrod led legislators to believe this money would help vulnerable pregnant women.

On November 12, 2021 the grant was awarded. The winner is Arizona Youth Partnership (AYP).

That is interesting because Arizona Youth Partnership unknowingly leads individuals to Planned Parenthood allies. Of course this relationship is not on the front page of Arizona Youth Partnership’s website, it takes a little digging. If you choose life, put on your seatbelt as we lay this out. Thanks to some our great readers who contributed their research to this post.

Here is the link for Arizona Youth Partnership. Below is the front page of the website that accompanies the link as of this writing.

On Monday November 15, 2021, this was AYP’s voicemail: “You have reached ‘Starting Out Right’ a program of Arizona Youth Partnership formally known as Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services.”  On Thursday November 18, 2021, the voicemail was changed to “Thank you for calling Arizona Youth Partnership” with no mention of Teen Outreach Pregancy Services. The phone number and physical location did not change from Monday to Thursday. We underlined “Starting Out Right” in this online search below to reference its Monday voicemail.

“Wyman’s Teen Outreach” is circled because this is where the Planned Parenthood ties surface. We wrote about Wyman long ago when Tucson Unified was debating sex ed curriculum. Click on Arizona Youth Partnership, then follow the drop down link that says “Programs”, after that click “Healthy Relationships” and a link to Wyman’s Teen Outreach pops up.

Below is a brochure which was posted online. Make sure you put your glasses on because the association is written in very tiny letters at the bottom. This is purposeful to hide the relationship between Wyman and Planned Parenthood.

Are all the names confusing you? If so, that is done on purpose to keep people off the Planned Parenthood trail. The abortion mill and those in the industry know very well how to sustain power over vulnerable women. They have to change their identities while funneling money through various partners whose names are non-threatening. This screenshot makes it easy; all three identities are in the same photo.

Well, well, well, this screenshot is loaded.

Not only can we identify Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program, the talented graphics person just happened to add “social and emotional learning” in the description. And look down at the bottom–Arizona Department of Health Services. Where have we seen that before? Arizona Department of Health Services and Wyman have been partners for many years.

Why is Social Emotional Learning (SEL) part of Wyman’s program? Don’t families already face SEL everyday all day at school or while working at corporations? What does SEL have to do with preserving the family? Click on Wyman’s national page and scroll down.

Next click on “School Districts.”

And finally, here is another brilliant move by our Republican Legislature and Governor. By approving the $1.5 million line item for a “Family Health Pilot Program”, they actually threw their support behind a radical Democrat organization. Click this link and scroll to the bottom of the page. There it is (as of this writing), the divisive fist representing anti-White, anti-family, pro-abortion, and pro-riot group also known as Black Lives Matter.

Arizona Youth Partnership and Cathi Herrod will tell us the funds from the grant are earmarked only for family programs, not any other agenda. That may be the case but what happens is the money awarded frees up dollars from the organization’s budget to use for unhealthy, pro-abortion programs. Also, the award draws the public to AYP’s website, which then propagandizes educators and youth through their partners.

When will Republicans learn to stop throwing money at everything? The abortion industry knows the loopholes and how to integrate so everything good will be compromised. The government, including the state of Arizona, cannot be trusted to make these decisions for us. Let us keep our money we earn and we will decide which charities deserve our dollars.

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