Arizona Legislator and Phoenix Union are Out of Touch with the People

The teachers unions and their representatives try real hard to pull the wool over the public’s eyes. They were successful for decades but so much became clear in 2020, and it couldn’t have happened in a better year. The fear-mongering for remote learning and remote governing in Arizona got old quickly. While the working class, whose companies weren’t shut down by Governor Doug Ducey, happily showed up in person for jobs, the privileged begged to stay home to earn paychecks.

Of course, government workers carried on the most about the dangers of working in person. They must have forgotten about the minimum wage worker who bags their groceries, scoops their fries in the McDonald’s drive-thrus, and mixes their overpriced coffee concoctions. Union teachers who support abortion suddenly worried about the health of children, or at least that’s what they were told to say. In 2020, Republican leadership in the Arizona Legislature quickly shut the doors to the people who pay them and who they are to represent. School governing boards and city councils, while we already knew they were more important than the regular folk, rubbed it in when they changed their meetings to on-line only. In fact, Phoenix Union High School District still does not allow parents in the building during their meetings. It’s a good thing, otherwise the governing board might have to address a recent shooting, fights, overcrowding, kids who are behind due to remote learning in 2020, lack of substitutes, fire code violations, and many other dangerous situations in which they are putting the students and teachers.

When the RedforEd and Arizona Educator Association plan to close schools for two weeks starting January 3, 2022 backfired, another idea had to be hatched. We think we found it and what a surprise, it has come in the form of a baby! First, here is part of a letter sent to staff at where else, Phoenix Union High Vax District on Friday.

Phoenix Union already has staff shortages so theoretically they could switch to remote immediately based on this communication. But they might get by with a little help from a friend. On the other side of town in Tempe’s Legislative District 26, Representative Athena Salman is due to have a baby (not a clump of cells) on January 11th. She does not want to report to the Legislature due to Covid. Does she attend her obstetrical appointments in person? Is she delivering at home or in a hospital where people and germs float around? (Maybe that will be a game-time decision and we sincerely hope the delivery is safe for all). Does Representative Salman not eat? If she eats, does she realize how many hands touched the food and packaging before it arrived in her kitchen? Regardless, Salman is joining the Union activists to push for remote work because SHE is pregnant. And so that the country will be dumb enough to fall for all mail-in voting later this year “out of an abundance of caution”.

Hey prolifers in the Arizona Legislature, keep it in the forefront of your minds that Representative Salman now admits she is carrying a child. Remind her of this when she supports anything Planned Parenthood or abortion this session.

Representative Salman might get in trouble for these tweets when her campaign $upporters at Planned Parenthood read them.

Surprisingly, guess who is NOT following Covid scare tactics? Planned Parenthood! Escorts at Tempe’s Planned Parenthood hovered over each patient who came and left the building on Saturday.

Those tough security guys at Planned Parenthood’s door don’t work remotely.

Planned Parenthood might say this is okay because the escorts and guards are outside. Based on the number of cars in the parking lot and the number of staff to handle that number of patients, Planned Parenthood workers did not stay home to work remotely like our public sector, nor was there social distancing occurring inside the abortion mill.

Watch carefully just who is pushing the Covid fear and who is allowed to make exceptions. In many cases, it is normal for the children to be the losers. And a huge congratulations to Representative Salman and her new baby!

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