Arizona Governor Candidate Poses a Threat to Families, School Choice, and Children

Recently various sources reported the former candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, David Garcia, would be throwing his name in the ring for the Arizona governor’s race in 2018.  A victory for Garcia would change the face of schools in Arizona, and not in a positive way.

Garcia, a Democrat, will be tasked with the job of reversing as many pro-life, pro-school choice, and pro-parental authority legislation as possible, three areas in which Arizona leads the country.  While Mr. Garcia says it’s Governor Doug Ducey’s signature on SB1431 expanding Empowering Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) last week that sealed his decision to run for Arizona’s top job, keep in mind this school choice bill also affects Planned Parenthood’s influence in public schools.  More on that later.

David Garcia was a well-funded candidate who was a heavy favorite to win the SPI seat in 2014.   He had plenty of donors–many small donors, many large.  Many were teachers and school administrators, some stay-at-home mothers, and many were attorneys for the law firm of Fennemore-Craig.  Hmmm….. He seemed to have a wide appeal, but he lost a very close election despite his finances.

Maybe his ties to the teachers union (lack of school choice) and Planned Parenthood sealed Garcia’s fate.  Wanting the best for your children crosses party lines, and parental responsibility and authority cannot be replaced with any amount of money.  So will Mr. Garcia have any better luck running for governor?  Expect the usual suspects to donate money to his campaign:

Wow, over $9000 donated to Garcia’s campaign to run Arizona’s schools, thus influence youth, from Planned Parenthood alone!

And here’s a little gravy from Planned Parenthood Arizona’s director.  He’s needs job security to keep his over $200k/year job.

Of course Planned Parenthood did the obligatory interview with David Garcia to plant the need for Comprehensive Sex Ed in people’s heads.  Here is a blurb where he praises Tempe Union High School’s (TUHSD) dive into sex ed:

Unfortunately, Mr. Garcia really doesn’t know TUHSD was not open nor honest with the community.  In fact, after renaming the curriculum to satisfy opposition, it was discovered Planned Parenthood’s name was all over the teacher’s manual.  As SPI, would Garcia have encouraged teaching kids to be dishonest?  He lets TUHSD off the hook.  In fact, he accepted a donation from Tempe Union’s superintendent, right in the middle of the district’s sex ed controversy:

Back to Arizona’s SB1431, why wouldn’t an educator support school choice?  It really makes no sense unless there is a hidden agenda.  Mr. Garcia teaches at Arizona State, a public university which competes for students, especially in-state students.  Why can’t parents have the same options for choice as college students?  Why wouldn’t Mr. Garcia want competition between all schools, which leads to better schools, teachers, fiscal decisions, and successful students?  For one, he would lose the backing and donations of the Teachers Union.  Second, he and the Union know most parents don’t want Planned Parenthood near their children.  Forcing Planned Parenthood’s representatives, curriculum, and lack of values on children will cause those parents to leave public schools, thus increasing the demand for ESAs, private and parochial schools, and homeschooling.

The current Arizona Legislature and Governor have kept Planned Parenthood at bay this legislative session.  As they get more desperate, expect some knock-down, drag-out races next year as Murder, Inc attempts to turn Arizona pink.


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