Arizona GOP Candidates and The Big Tent

Our society looks at children as consumers, not necessarily as people. Apparently, it is simple to make a lot of money off our youth. In this era of social media, pick a cause, attach a photo of a cute kid, and beg for money. If you want your name in lights, run for office using the contacts and empathy you’ve created.

Keep an eye on Republican candidates this election cycle. Most are well aware of the attacks on kids and many recite campaign slogans about protecting them, depending on which office they are seeking. Unfortunately, some GOP candidates are associating with the same demonic agendas they claim to fight against.

Because it just won’t end, we have to look once again at Maricoopa County Attorney candidate Gina Godbehere (R). She has denied that her organization, Stand Up Speak Up Save a Life, partnered with LGBTQ and abortion-minded organizations. We called her on these relationships several months ago in this post, and it appears other voters in Maricopa County have similar concerns. We heard Ms. Godbehere finally cleaned up her website and dumped her compromised partners, which was great news.

Except she didn’t. Gina Godbehere still has links to organizations which want to groom your children. Currently, there are over 70 organizations listed as resources on her Stand Up Speak Up website. Instead of all the links placed on one bright purple page, they are now listed so the reader has to scroll to see them all.

While some of her resources may be helpful, it didn’t take long to note a few right off that bat which raise eyebrows. Notice “Love is Respect” in the screenshot above. Below is a screenshot from the post we wrote about previously covering Ms. Godbehere’s associations. Love is Respect has a quick escape link so parents won’t see what their child is searching.

The first link Ms. Godbehere listed on her revamped resource page is the 988 National Suicide Line, which we dug into previously.

Look where a couple clicks take a child when he or she links to the 988 Suicide Network.

Who is on the other end of the phone when your child calls or texts? Who is administering the Pre-Chat Survey? What will they do with the information? It is sad to say this is one of the ways sex traffickers befriend children.

In the screenshot below, there is another LGBTQ friendly (which really means the affirmation of transitioning minors) and a local organization called “notMYkid”.

NotMYkid’s description from its 990 is telling. Social Emotional Learning is one of the agendas, as are community (which means school) health centers. Who are notMYkid’s community partners? Do parents know the charity’s associations and who will be in contact with their children?

NotMYkid has woven its way into many school districts, and current Maricopa County Attorney, Rachel Mitchell, is also a supporter.

How does this happen? The foundation of this organization is telling. According to the Phoenix New Times, Debbie Moak was previously on Governor Doug Ducey’s staff. Her son’s company was awarded money for a telehealth app, via a bill sponsored by then state senator Kate Brophy-McGee (of Red for Ed fame).

What is the non-profit for which Debbie Moak sort of awarded herself some funds? NotMYKid. Phoenix New Times also reported this cronyism. Even the governor’s wife, Angela Ducey, was on the auxillary board of notMYkid. Are we to believe there is nothing to see here?

As long as we are on the subject, the grifting goes even deeper with the Moaks. Debbie’s husband, Steve, apparently took advantage of the parents of troubled teens. Here is more from Phoenix New Times, and we’ve linked some of their post below. The entire article is worth the read.

As long as money keeps growing on trees, or in this case, is awarded from our paychecks through the Arizona Legislature and government grants to select non-profits, some of which have cozy ties to politicians, this mental health industry will continue growing with little positive results to show for it. Over 70 organizations are linked to “help” children on Gina Godbehere’s website. That is an awful lot and more and more come about as financial opportunities sprout. Why is the suicide problem worsening? Why are so many minors still on drugs after decades of fighting it? Are these charities working in the best interest of the child or their own wallets?

And when did the Republican Party get so off track? It has to be due to the availability of money, which leads to power, ladder-climbing, cocktail parties, and often political office. Just recently, a Republican candidate in Chandler participated in a June Pride event. Councilman Mark Stewart, who is running for Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, posted a photo of himself at the Pride flag-raising at a Chandler park. In this case, he raised the sexual flag at a park where kids play. Good move, anything for votes. Meanwhile, according to the Chandler Independent, Republican mayor of Chandler, Kevin Hartke, felt the 30 days in June just isn’t quite long enough to push sexual perversion on children.

The Republican Party platform is currently pro-family. Perhaps Mayor Hartke may want to re-register under a different political party, unless the RNC changes the platform this summer to accomodate The Big Tent. How does a well-educated man of the cloth and a biochemistry major veer so far from the truth? Did he not take some simple genetics in college and learn what the X and Y chromosomes represent and they can’t be changed? Did Mayor Hartke missed the biblical verse about the millstone?

How are children supposed to get past all these incessant voices which lead them down the wrong path? No wonder they are having problems, the adults in the room are not truthful with them. Everywhere they turn–school, devices, NCAA sports, television, summer programs, and now even churches–the chatter about mental health, suicide, and sexual deviance is in their ears. Of course this leads to problems. Let’s stop the devices, the noise, the chatter. Let’s give childhood back to the children.

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