Arizona Department of Education Turns Pride Month in to an Entire Year

Because just about every corporation, television show, and sporting event hasn’t shoved enough rainbow Pride symbols in our faces for the entire month of June, the Arizona Department of Education has developed a plan to make Pride month last not just for 1/12 of the year, but all 12 months. After all, learning about the sexual preferences of a local bureaucrat is the prescription to achieve the SAT scores needed for entrance into a university.

For those pesky teachers who have been actually teaching reading, writing, science, and math, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman came to the rescue and sent out the department’s very own sexual lesson plans! What a doll. Let’s take a look at what Hoffman has in store for the kiddoes in Arizona.

Who is paid to send emails like this and what is this employee’s government salary?

Once Kathy Hoffman took over the Arizona Department of Education, the goals of LGBTQAlphabet, social-emotional learning, and anti-White, anti-straight male curriculums became a huge push. One of Hoffman’s first hires was Richie Taylor as the Communications Director. From personal experience, Mr. Taylor has been polite and prompt with responses. However, this is not why anyone should be hired:

Mr. Taylor’s focus should be how to provide the best education for all students, not providing a school system to advance his or Hoffman’s sexual agenda while getting in between parents and their children. The interview with KJZZ was to play political activist on Arizonan’s dime.

There was a time teachers struggled to get all subjects taught during the approximate six hour school day. As children matriculated to the next grade, they were suddenly coming home with more and more subjects to balance. Think of the amount of hours a first grader spends learning to read and write, and just a couple years later additional classroom time must be squeezed in for science, social studies, art, and additional math skills. Somewhere in these busy elementary school days, the Arizona Department of Education suggests this lesson plan. No wonder some states are ridding their schools of advanced math. Clearly the focus is not on achievement, but on ways to have sex, even in elementary grades.

Just for fun, look how academia inserts Critical Race Theory into LGBTQAlphabet lesson plans in Arizona.

Yesterday the Republicans in the Arizona Legislature patted themselves on the back for banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Did they really? Do they know what the Department of Education, walking distance from the Capitol, is suggesting to teachers?

Remember field trips during childhood? They were often to a musical event, museum, or the zoo; something that would augment education. Currently, the Arizona Department of Education is suggesting attendance at the Phoenix Pride Parade this fall. While this is not on school time, it is being advertised on a government website.

Let’s check on what Arizona’s kids might see at one of these parades. Turn off your computer if your child is near this screen before they see the following which may or may not be dressed:

And how about the photo below, which attacks a major religion at the same time? Is that very inclusive Superintendent Hoffman?

Hoffman and Taylor are trying to get more team members, and the easiest and quickest place to recruit is a school. What makes it worse is they are grooming using children who do not belong to them, with money that is not theirs. This department is no longer about education, but about being sexual predators of our children.

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