Many people move to or have remained living in large but quiet Mesa, Arizona due to the family and community values the city was founded on in 1878. These values seem to have worked well; Mesa is huge and has many residents and businesses.

But some on Mesa City Council are driven by dark forces. Mayor John Giles, who claims to be a Republican, wants to appease men who want to be with girls in public restrooms. Just as Mayor Giles claims to be a Republican, men can claim to be women, boys can claim to be girls, and that’s enough to enter a women’s restroom.

Here is a post from the Education Action Network with additional information and all the email addresses of the Mesa mayor and Councilmembers:

New Mesa Ordiance Will Allow Men Into Women’s Bathrooms – The Education Action Network (

Below is a list of what this type of ordinance really accomplishes, it really has nothing to do with equality:

While this ordinance does not directly affect schools, the agenda will creep into Mesa schools if the ordinance is passed. Think about it, there is nowhere safe anymore. Anyone who wants to practice science-based, traditional, or Biblical values is now discriminated against, even in Mesa.

For this reason, there will be a peaceful gathering outside Mesa Council Chambers on Monday, March 1, 2021 from 5-6PM. Please join other concerned citizens who don’t want to be like Tempe, Tucson, and Phoenix. When you arrive, please do not block access to any buildings and ignore any counter-protestors. The Mesa City Council, like most cities, is using Covid as an excuse to keep the public away so those in office don’t have to face those they are supposed to represent. Opponents of this backwards ordinance will go to the Mesa City Council anyway, at least outside. Bring signs if you like.

Here is a map to the Mesa City Council building:

See you on Monday Mesa City Council.

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