A Creighton Elementary Employee Decided to Just Say No

It was just a matter of time. For years we have known public school employees caught in the cross hairs of powerful administrations and their own conscience would eventually break. A decision would have to be made: Keep their jobs because bills have to be paid or stand up to the oppressors and quit.

Recently we were contacted by an employee in Creighton Elementary School District facing this exact scenario. Her mind was made up, she had decided to resign. All she wanted to do was share her decision and ask for prayers.

We forget that many teachers, administrators, and classified staff are more than robots programmed by their unions. They see the battles between Planned Parenthood/GLSEN and concerned parents. They know firsthand the games governing boards and administrators are using to trick the public. One has to ask, why play games if the sex ed content being demanded by governing boards and administrations is so safe?

Arizonans are told there are many job openings that need to be filled in education. Many attribute the need to poor teacher pay. What isn’t discussed is the evolution of the content that must be taught nowadays. Whether it’s social-emotional learning, social justice, or sex ed, these agendas are not what most teachers and staff signed up for.

This coming Tuesday, October 15th, a brave former Creighton employee will give a statement to the governing board as to why she recently resigned. She wants her story shared. She wants the public to know the President of Creighton’s Governing Board, Jeanne Casteen, is allowing Planned Parenthood to immerse themselves in the district’s schools.

Please attend Creighton Elementary School Governing Board meeting on Tuesday, October 15th at 6PM to show your support as she explains why she walked away from a job she loved.

We will hear directly from Creighton’s former employee how she came to her decision. Any school district employee who feels the same about the sex ed curriculum being pushed on kids at their school and doesn’t know what to do, please contact us at info@notinourschools.net.

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