Arizona Legislature Opens, Less Time for Arizona Legislator Porn?

It’s a new year which means a new Arizona Legislative session has begun. The powers that be have closed the public off with new fencing around their hallowed halls so they can tune out We the People.

Evidently they had to come up with some new tactic after running home and hiding in fear last March. (There were a few Republican legislators who begged to reopen but GOP leadership and all the Democrats ignored their obligation to work for a paycheck.)

As we posted recently, the sex industry didn’t shut down for Corona Virus. Guess what, the sex industry didn’t stop for an Arizona legislator, either. Diego Rodriguez (D) is an Arizona State Representative from Legislative District 27 in the south Phoenix and Laveen area. He is an attorney and has his own practice. During his spare time he takes to twitter and peruses porn tweets, liking and commenting on obscene photos. We screenshotted a few and blocked out inappropriate content, but WARNING: The Following Screenshots are Not Appropriate for Minors (or Even Adults).

Does sharing porn on Twitter reflect the values of the voters in LD27? Many residents in the area have young children and traditional family values. These pictures devalue women. How would Rodriguez feel if a male legislator from another state gawked at obscene photos of his teenage daughter? Here is his bio that is posted on the Arizona Legislature’s website.

Is public porn the progressive vision the Arizona Democrats in the legislature have in mind?

Then there is this tweet Diego Rodriguez retweeted, supporting sex workers:

Representative Rodriguez enjoys young women on twitter, and their hobbies:

When bills come up for a vote in the legislature this year, how will Representative Rodriguez vote? Will he keep porn and obscene material (many sex ed curriculums) out of the hands of children if the legislative opportunity presents itself?

It’s not likely Diego Rodriguez and Arizona LD27 have the same principles. Rodriguez refused to vote to reconvene the Legislature several times in 2020, yet he could spend his time on Twitter porn. Isn’t ironic President Trump and many of his supporters have been removed from the Twitter platform but the porn remains?

See update January 17, 2021

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