Political Planned Parenthood

When we first started watching Planned Parenthood embark on its mission to befriend our local schools, we were concerned about cozy relationships being built between Abortion, (P)Inc. and minors, encouraged by our government teachers and administrators. Planned Parenthood has diversified right before our eyes. The “non-profit” has quickly soared into the political arena, and not just to endorse their favorite candidates. They are now actively participating in get-out-the-vote, political activism, and other voter training opportunities.

In 2020, Supermajority was formed.

The Supermajority website uses all the buzzwords like “women” and “equality” to gain brownie points with corporations, the tech giants who censor pro-lifers, and the Democrat Party.

If women are the majority in the United States, then what happened to all that equity stuff? Shouldn’t these women be fighting for men? Of course not, because the real purpose of Supermajority is to promote abortion, whether directly or indirectly. Cecile Richards once ran Planned Parenthood and she hasn’t disappeared into the woodwork.

Ironically the Left and the media portray the Republican Party as the Party of the wealthy. Pot calling kettle: What values or lack thereof do most overpaid athletes and Hollywood elites support? In Indiana, a pair of wealthy sisters love abortion so much they have thrown themselves into the political circus. Debbie Simon is one of the major funders of Supermajority. This article by Politico tells of her story. Is it any irony her name now adorns Assembly Hall at Indiana University, in the shadow of the Kinsey Institute? She gave Supermajority a little pocket change.

What does this have to do with Arizona? Supermajority targeted Arizona as a state to flip from President Trump to Biden. Those supporting abortion now feel emboldened and will stop at nothing. Listen to what former Creighton Elementary Governing Board President, Jeanne Casteen, recently hinted about who might be participating in local Democrat political training:


Now our students and families don’t just have to worry about Planned Parenthood in health class. The organization has rooted itself into every aspect of American life, spreading like a cancer in everything it comes in contact with. Even a local Democrat Legislative District meeting may have training by none other than Planned Parenthood.

The Party of Life and Family, which some refer to as the GOP, must change their strategies. The dollar amounts can’t be matched, but that is okay. Truth always wins, if it’s allowed to be told.

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